Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice

Emergency image Expecting a child is exciting. Pregnant women are commonly referred to as "expecting" for a reason; they are expecting a baby, and probably a healthy one. Every parent hopes for a happy, healthy child. But sometimes tragedy occurs at the very moment when parents are awaiting a blissful and loving experience with their newborn.

Childbirth has always been risky. It is a dangerous time, both for baby and mother. In modern childbirth, birthing is complicated by torque and traction, compression, contraction, cesarean sections (c–sections), and modern medications. Many childbirth risks are unavoidable, but others are caused by sloppy medical malpractice. A skilled medical malpractice attorney, with the help of medical doctor experts, can figure out whether the birth injuries, traumas or bad results were due to medical error or nature.

Medical malpractice can occur even before it is time for the delivery. There are procedures and tests doctors can, and sometimes should, perform to determine if the delivery is "high–risk" for complications. A doctor must timely and accurately diagnose these risks. Some of the risk factors are; prima gravida, placenta previa, larger fetus, post–date infants, excessive maternal weight gain, cephalopelvic disproportion, prior complicated deliveries, advanced age of mother. Doctors sometimes fail to properly monitor or evaluate birthing complications for the mother or child.

If the pregnancy is high–risk, the doctor and other medical professionals are required to take greater precautions.

One of the main forms of birthing malpractice occurs when doctors and other medical professionals don't plan for, or react quickly enough to, delivery complications. The incorrect use of forceps or vacuum extractor during delivery can cause birth injuries. In other cases, doctors may not act react quickly enough if the baby became entangled in the umbilical cord. Doctors also sometimes administer an incorrect dose of labor–inducing drugs.

Some medical malpractice occurs even after birth. Simple mishandling of the newborn may result in bruising, facial paralysis, fractures, or nerve damage.

Medical malpractice at birth can lead to many permanent and serious injuries to the newborn, including acidosis, erbs palsy,cerebral palsy, bracial plexus palsy, radical nerve palsy, muscular atrophy, hemorrhages, hematomas in the liver, spleen, kidneys, neurologic dysfunction, forceps injuries, cehpalohematoma, fractures, Homers syndrome, encephalopathy and labor complications.

Birth injury malpractice lawsuits are usually complicated, lengthy, and hard–fought. Doctors don't admit mistakes easily. Their insurance carriers usually can't settle the case without the doctor's consent, and many doctors refuse to admit fault. For this reason, it is important to hire a very competent birth injury malpractice lawyer if you are contemplating such birthing malpractice claim.

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