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7,750,000 - A mediated settlement for a young man paralyzed from a car crash.

$5,200,000 - Verdict against the State of NY for paraplegia as a result of a failure to properly supervise a person in custody (Settled during the Appeals process for $4.5 million).

$3,800,000 - Settlement on behalf of a construction worker who sustained severe and permanent lung damage from dust created during demolition and construction activities.

$3,200,000 – Jury verdict for young woman who suffered significant scarring from burns in an explosion.

$ 2,225,000 - Settlement after one week of trial -- roofer sustained severe orthopedic injuries from fall from roof

$2,542,376 - Verdict ($3,814,390 with interest after Appeals). An elderly Parkinson's patient paralyzed and brain damaged due to an equipment malfunction during brain surgery (ask for a copy of the decision and news articles).

$2,500,000 - A woman's doctors failed to properly diagnose cancer.

$1,600,000 - Brain damage to an infant during childbirth.

$ 1,850,000 - A construction worker sustained severe back and neck injuries when a tractor trailer rear ended his car.

$1,500,000 - Brain damage to an infant during childbirth.

$1,500,000 - A man suffered a severe and permanent lung injury due to an industrial explosion.

$1,500,000 - A college student suffered an amputation of a leg below the knee due to a boating accident.

$1,300,000 – A welder was rear-ended and suffered herniated cervical disks requiring surgery.

$1,250,000 - A woman suffered triplegia from a car crash.

$1,200,000 - A roofer suffered severe orthopedic injuries as a result of a fall from a ladder at an office building.

$1,200,000 – A firefighter’s widow and son recovered this amount for lost income after firefighter died after being negligently ordered into a burning building.

$1,150,000 - A college student suffered a traumatic brain injury in a snowmobile collision.

$1,023,888 - A woman sustained severe fractures to her legs, face and back as a result of a truck turning left in front of her.

$1,000,000 - For a construction worker who suffered a low back injury, requiring fusion surgery, after he fell from a 12-foot scaffold and landed on his feet.

$836,783 - For wrongful death and pain and suffering for the family of a man struck by a truck.

$750,000 - Mediated settlement college professor whose ankle was severely fractured in a car accident.

$685,000 - An elderly woman pedestrian was struck by a car suffering severe orthopedic injuries.

$625,000 - (Actual, $725,000 with interest). A woman suffered a severe back injury requiring surgery as a result of a State Police Officer running a stop sign.

$585,000 - To a widower for the wrongful death of his 53-year old wife-homemaker who, as a pedestrian, was struck by a tractor trailer while crossing a road.

$575,000 - A doctor failed to properly treat a fractured arm on a child resulting in permanent limitations.

$560,000 - A man sustained a severe back injury.

$507,000 - For wrongful death arising from medical malpractice.

$500,000 - A doctor failed to diagnose a clot in an elderly woman's foot resulting in an amputation.

$450,000 - A woman suffered a shoulder injury from a fall on steps at a State Campus (ask for a copy of the decision and news articles).

$440,000 - Arbitration award for dry-cleaner employee whose hand was crushed and burnt in a shirt press.

$400,000 - A man with severe orthopedic injuries after a car pulled out striking his motorcycle.

$375,000 - A child that suffered traumatic epilepsy as a result of an accident.

$350,000 - A man suffered a disability due to a hospital's failure to diagnose a fracture.

$350,000 - A man was discharged from a hospital with a missed knee fracture and then developed complications.

$340,000 - A construction worker suffered a back injury when a load of blocks fell on him.

$324,869 - A child in a car seat suffered severe facial injuries from a car crash.

$303,245 - Verdict against the State of NY for a man injured on a construction project.

$300,000 - A child suffered severe facial fractures in a car crash.

$300,000 - A woman suffered financial losses due to legal malpractice in the sale of her business.

$300,000 - The wrongful death of a man struck head-on on his way to work.

$300,000 - Verdict for man with shoulder impingement syndrome due to a fall from scaffold.

$290,000 - A worker with shoulder impingement syndrome from fall off scaffold.

$285,000 - A woman suffered a back injury requiring surgery due to a car crash.

$285,000 - A construction worker fell from a roof fracturing his ankle.

$275,000 - A motorcyclist suffered orthopedic injuries when a truck turned left in front of him.

$250,000 - Settlement - wrongful death of a woman when a careless driver crossed the center line (this consisted of $100,000 from the driver's insurance carrier and $150,000 on the supplementary underinsured motorist claim)

$225,000 - A construction worker suffered a back injury due to a fall from a roof.

$225,000 - A businessman sustained financial losses due to legal malpractice in a real estate transaction.

$155,000 - Mediated settlement in a legal malpractice claim against attorneys that missed the statute of limitations in an injury case.

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