Canandaigua, New York

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Canandaigua, the county seat of Ontario County, is a city located to the southeast of Rochester and on the shores of Canandaigua Lake, one of New York’s Finger Lakes. Its name derives from an Iroquois word for “chosen place”. It is an attractive City, and a somewhat wealthy one compared to neighboring cities.

Michaels & Smolak has represented many clients in the Canandaigua area, including a man who required surgery for herniated disks after being involved in a T-bone motor vehicle accident, another man who fell from a scaffold at work and suffered a low back injury requiring surgery, and a postal worker who was rear-ended while delivering mail and suffered a debilitating low back injury. Some of the results of these cases can be viewed on the RESULTS PAGE of this website.

Mike Bersani, one of the personal injury lawyers of Michaels & Smolak, lives in neighboring Geneva, New York. He appears with frequency in the Ontario County Courthouse in Canandaigua on his clients’ personal injury and accident cases. Many attorneys in Canandaigua and other parts of Ontario County refer their personal injury cases to Mike. They do so because of the positive results he keeps obtaining for their clients.

Residents of Canandaigua and surrounding areas can meet with Mike Bersani or one of the other lawyers of Michaels & Smolak at law offices in Geneva, New York, or they can set up an appointment at home. Michaels & Smolak prides itself on its personal service to its clients, which includes home visits upon request.