Montezuma, New York

Attorneys at Our Firm

The Town of Montezuma was established in 1859 at the western border of Cayuga County, northwest of Auburn, New York. Because of its easy access to Auburn, Michaels & Smolak has provided legal services to several Montezumans who have been injured in accidents or by medical malpractice. Recent clients from Montezuma include a woman who sustained a ruptured eyeball when she fell off a defective curb, and a young man who suffered a fractured spine in a motor vehicle accident.

Many injured and malpracticed Montezuma residents find their way to Michaels & Smolak through other Cayuga County lawyers who refer them there. Those other lawyers understand that Michaels & Smolak has developed an outstanding and deserved reputation for aggressively representing victims of accidents and medical malpractice. Most of the Cayuga County clients of Michaels & Smolak find their way to the firm through word of mouth from past clients, or by referrals from other lawyers.

Directions to the Auburn law offices of Michaels & Smolak from Montezuma can be found HERE.