Red Creek, New York

Attorneys at Our Firm

Red Creek is located in Wayne County, to the west of Syracuse. A creek with the same name flows through the village. The name comes from the color the water was given by red dye used in tannery operations years ago. Michaels and Smolak has represented several clients from the Red Creed area, including a couple who sustained serious injuries when an oncoming vehicle crossed into their lane of travel and struck their vehicle.

General lawyers from Wayne County and surrounding counties often refer their medical malpractice and personal injury cases to Michaels & Smolak. Those lawyers know the firm’s reputation as a premier accident and malpractice law firm.

The firm accepts cases from all every upstate and central New York, but the cases must be legitimate. The firm does not accept frivolous claims, or claims where only minor injuries were suffered. The lawyers at Michaels & Smolak give free telephone consultations and decide then and there whether to accept the case. If the case is accepted, a lawyer from the firm then travels to the client’s home to meet them, or, if the client prefers, he or she can visit the firm’s offices in Auburn, Syracuse of Liverpool. Directions to the Auburn firm can be found HERE.