Sempronius, New York

Attorneys at Our Firm

Sempronius is a town located in the southeast part of Cayuga County. It is named after a Roman military and political leader. Because of its proximity to Michaels & Smolak’s office is nearby Auburn, the firm has represented several personal injury and medical malpractice clients from the Sempronius area, including, recently, a client who was injured in a rear-end collision.

Most law firms that dedicate themselves to personal injury and medical malpractice cases are located in big cities such as Syracuse and Rochester. Michaels & Smolak has offices in the Syracuse area, too, but its home baase, and main office, are in nearby Auburn. Sempronius and other local residents thus get the advantage of having a big-city personal injury firm right in nearby small-city Auburn.

Directions to Michaels & Smolak’s Auburn law offices from Sempronius can be found HERE.