Weedsport, New York

Attorneys at Our Firm

Weedsport, a village of about 2,000, is located in the Town of Brutus, Cayuga County. The name comes from Edward Weed, one of the Village’s founders. Weedsport was one of the Erie Canal port cities. Many accident and medical malpractice claimants from the Weedsport area have chosen the nearby Auburn personal injury and medical malpractice firm of Michaels & Smolak to represent them. In addition, many generalist lawyers in and around Weedsport refer all their personal injury and medical malpractices cases to the lawyers of Michaels & Smolak. Recent Weedsport clients of the firm include a young man involved in an ATV accident who suffered torn knee tendons and back injuries.

Michaels & Smolak takes only meritorious claims. It does not bring any frivolous claims, nor will it represent clients who have no legitimate injury case. The firm always gives an initial free consultation for the purpose of deciding whether it wishes to take on the case. If it does, then the firm works on a standard contingency fee, which usually means their fee amounts to 1/3 the net settlement or judgment obtained in the case.

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