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Legal books

Attorney Michael Bersani will be touring New York State lecturing to other lawyers on his 2008 update of Municipal Liability Case Law as part of the New York State Trial Academy's "Precedents and Statutes" seminar.

The 2008 New York Bar Association Personal Injury Treatise Chapter on Municipal Liability (this is a draft only - final published version to appear shortly) by Michael G. Bersani

Suits Against Public Entities by Michael Bersani

Opposing Summary Judgment Motions brought under the "Open and Obvious Danger" Defense by Michael Bersani

Untimely Service of Process under the new CPLR 306-b; A dark cloud with a silver lining by Michael Bersani

Local Judge rules that No-Fault carrier cannot terminate medical benefits on grounds that injured party has reached MMI by Michael Bersani

Analysis of the current MMI issue by Michael Bersani

MMI ruling affirmed by Appellate Division, 4th Department. Winning your MMI no fault cases in light of this decision by Michael Bersani

Court of Appeals, in Cohens v. Hess, holds that a vacated plea of guilty to a traffic violation may be used as evidence in a subsequent civil action by Michael Bersani

Litigation and referrals as we start the 21st Century by Lee Michaels

Per diem arguments in New York - where and how by Michael Bersani

Why some cases settle and some do not. A basic explanation for clients by Lee Michaels